Ham and Lentil Soup

Ham and Lentil Soup

Just like the road to hell is paved with good intentions,
The road to fit back into our skinny jeans
Is paved with fad diets and deprivation;

But there is a delicious loophole,
One that blurs the line between comfort food
And Hell yeah! I can button my pants without holding my breath;

Soup’s on, my friends! Let’s eat.

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Gingerbread Pancakes

gingerbread pancakes

Christmas is less than a week away
But there is still time to get our gingerbread on.

We may be short on time, my friends
But we are big on holiday spirit;

So let’s put the ho, ho, ho into hosting
The easiest holiday breakfast.

Gingerbread pancakes capture all the flavors of the season,
And with just 10 minutes from griddle to plate,

There is plenty of time to eat, drink, and be merry
With our family and friends.

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Hot Chocolate with Milk Foam

hot chocolate

There is ordinary hot chocolate
Made with cocoa;
It is familiar and simple,
And a favorite of my children.

Then there is my version of hot chocolate;
It is rich and decadent, and
Requires a fair amount of chocolate,
Borrowed from my hidden stash of mom essentials,
Right next to my de-stress aromatherapy candle, and a bottle of wine.

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Duchess Potato Bake


Delicious holiday leftovers are best eaten right out of the fridge
While still in your pajamas;

A slice of cold turkey with a spoonful of cranberry sauce,
A forkful of pumpkin pie with a whipped cream chaser;

There is no recipe required to enjoy the fruits of our labor the second time around,
Except for the mashed potatoes, they never reheat to their former creamy deliciousness,
But they are the perfect base for a classic French potato dish.

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Roasted Pear Salad with Maple Vinaigrette

roasted pear salad

If you could be any fruit, which would it be?  I most identify with the pear.

The pear and I are not the life of the party like the flashy mango or the juicy strawberry hugging the rim of a margarita glass.  We are the wallflowers. You will not see us dancing on top of the table at three in the morning (anymore).

The pear has muted hues that are eerily similar to the phases of my hair color.  There was the earthy brown phase, which I am pretty sure is close to my natural color; there was the henna-obsessed red phase; followed by a brief yet unfortunate green phase, thanks to a quick dip in an overly chlorinated pool.

The pear and I are firm yet sweet, like when my teenage son asked to extend his curfew on mischief night, and I said, “Absolutely not!” with a smile on my face.  

Yep, the pear and I are alike in many ways, but mostly in our silhouette.

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Chubby, Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Pecans

chocolate pecan chunk cookies

It is the day after Halloween, when I should be sorting through my children’s candy under the guise of a security check, but in reality I would just be hoarding my personal snacking favorites.

There was one memorable year when I was pregnant with my second child; my son brought home an inordinate amount of questionable candy, and most of it was of the delicious nutty filled chocolate variety;… 

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