Mushroom and Swiss Quesadillas with Bacon

mushroom quesadillas

What a strange week. I overslept on Monday. I swear my alarm clock is possessed. It was silent well past the time I should have awoken. It finally made its presence known in the middle of Tuesday night. Scared me to death.

I was perpetually late for everything, made even later by driving the demolition derby of potholes. One was so massive, I caught a glimpse of China.

And today, the first day of spring, we are met not with flowers or green grass, but snow. Lots of snow. Really?

Tuesday was the most bizarre. I forgot it was the 17th, so this Italian girl with the Irish name, made Mexican inspired food on St. Paddy’s Day.

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Ricotta Frittata


Last night I opened the fridge and for the most part it was empty with not much more than the bulb and condiments; and I thought to myself, Were we robbed? I just put away a trunkful of groceries yesterday;

And with the ding of a text, there was suspect number one:

What’s for dinner?

Not to be outdone by suspect number two:

Is dinner ready?

Since we are all in the same house, separated by only one floor and twenty something years, I responded in voice, not text, because the art of conversation has not been lost on my generation:

Dinner will be ready in 20 minutes. It will be a surprise to us all.

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Banana Layer Cake with Rum Cream Cheese Frosting

banana layer cake

My plan to eat my way through a box of warm doughnuts on Tuesday was hampered by the weather;

Snowed in on Mardi Gras;

As I was trying to quell my sweet tooth with my third cup of coffee, my mind drifted into a momentary lapse of insanity; perhaps I should spend my free day getting a head start on spring cleaning. I’ve been meaning to de-clutter the closets and tackle the pile of paperwork in the office.


It’s time to put the fat in Fat Tuesday.

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Turkey Bolognese

Turkey Bolognese

When the weather is cold and blustery,
We don’t want a low carb/no grain/put-your-veggies-in-the-blender
And drink it – kind of dinner.

No. We want comfort and warmth. We want a hearty and homey kind of meal;
One that will stick to our ribs, and preferably not to our hips;

So tonight there will be pasta imported from Italy by way of Bucks County, thanks to Bova Foods in Chalfont.

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Ham and Lentil Soup

Ham and Lentil Soup

Just like the road to hell is paved with good intentions,
The road to fit back into our skinny jeans
Is paved with fad diets and deprivation;

But there is a delicious loophole,
One that blurs the line between comfort food
And Hell yeah! I can button my pants without holding my breath;

Soup’s on, my friends! Let’s eat.

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