Summer Tomato Bisque

summer tomato bisque

So many tomatoes, so little time…..


Tomatoes are everywhere. Roma tomatoes. Beefsteak tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes. Heirloom tomatoes. Big tomatoes. Small tomatoes.

Tomato, tomaaaaato.

No matter how you slice it, local tomatoes are sure to please. I am partial to heirloom tomatoes. They have unique shapes and colors with a nice old fashioned tomato flavor. These organic beauties are from Blooming Glen Farm in Perkasie.

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Black Forest Cake


My sister-in-law gets the short end of the stick when it comes to her birthday. It falls so close to the 4th of July that we often combine our Independence Day celebration with her birthday party.

On the upside, she gets a pretty awesome fireworks display, but it can sometimes be a real bummer sharing your birthday with the birth of an entire country’s independence;

That is why you will see the requisite deviled eggs, burgers on the grill, and cold brews at our celebration, but you will never see the 4th of July flag cake; you know the one topped with strategically placed blueberries and raspberries made to look like Old Glory.

No. We eat birthday cake. A really special birthday cake for the woman who won our hearts by marrying my brother.

She not only deserves a cake, she deserves a medal.

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Affogato means ‘drowned’ in Italian, and it refers to a classic dessert
In which a shot of espresso is poured over a scoop of vanilla gelato, thereby drowning the ice cream.

It is a very refreshing way to end a warm summer evening, especially if dinner involved one too many glasses of sangria.

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Penne with Cream, Ham, and Pea Leaves

penne and cream

One of my favorite meals is a classic pasta dish

With a little cream,

A lot of prosciutto,

And an insane amount of peas;

Yet I never make it for dinner because my family does not share the same enthusiasm for those sweet little orbs of deliciousness. It is all about the texture of the peas that make them unappealing to my crew;

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Mushroom and Swiss Quesadillas with Bacon

mushroom quesadillas

What a strange week. I overslept on Monday. I swear my alarm clock is possessed. It was silent well past the time I should have awoken. It finally made its presence known in the middle of Tuesday night. Scared me to death.

I was perpetually late for everything, made even later by driving the demolition derby of potholes. One was so massive, I caught a glimpse of China.

And today, the first day of spring, we are met not with flowers or green grass, but snow. Lots of snow. Really?

Tuesday was the most bizarre. I forgot it was the 17th, so this Italian girl with the Irish name, made Mexican inspired food on St. Paddy’s Day.

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