About Me

My name is Kelly.  

I am on a mission to live a more simple life.

I ditched a business suit for jeans and a t-shirt, no shoes. 

I find joy in the little things like watching the sun set or eating a just baked chocolate chip cookie.

I am a blue ribbon baker, who sometimes bakes competitively. My original, award winning recipes have been published by local and national media including the Food Network, the Cooking Channel, Organic Gardening Magazine, Good Morning America, Better Recipes, McCormick, and Nestle.  I am a two time champion of the best chocolate cake in Pennsylvania, having won the 2008 Hershey Cocoa Classic, and the 2013 PA Preferred Chocolate Cake Contest.

I like to keep it real in the kitchen.  I have a fear of artificial food coloring and ingredients that I can’t pronounce.  I cook with the seasons and shamelessly promote local agriculture and food artisans whenever possible. I am a proud member of the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance.

You should know that I am not great at photography, but good enough to show the visual stages of a recipe.   My writing is carefree.   I break many rules of grammar and call it creative license. 

I live in Doylestown, Pennsylvania with my husband and sons.  I bake homemade layer cakes from scratch and sell them to the locals.  My impeccably clean kitchen is licensed and inspected by the PA Department of Agriculture.  I am ServSafe certified through the National Restaurant Association.  

I hope you stay awhile.  Please feel free to drop me a line sometime.  I would love to hear from you.