About Me

My name is Kelly.

I am on a mission to live a more simple life. I ditched a business suit for jeans and a t-shirt, no shoes. I find joy in the simple things like eating a just baked chocolate chip cookie or watching the sun set.

profI am an award winning blue ribbon baker and two time state champion of the best chocolate cake in Pennsylvania. My recipes have been featured by local and national media including the Food Network, Cooking Channel, Good Morning America, Nestle, and Better Recipes.

I like to keep it real in the kitchen. I have a fear of artificial food coloring and ingredients that I can’t pronounce. I cook with the seasons and shamelessly promote local agriculture and food artisans.

My writing is carefree; I break many rules of grammar and call it creative license.

I live with the loves of my life: my husband and sons, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (big surprise right?) where I am inspired by the beautiful countryside, eclectic river towns, and colonial history.

You can reach me via email at abuckscountykitchen [at] gmail [dot] com.